DIY vs Hiring a Cleaning Expert

28th July 2022

When it comes to cleaning, most people tend to fall into two categories. Those that love to get stuck in and get involved with the dirty stuff, and the rest who can think of nothing worse! However, the decision to do all the work yourself, or hire a cleaner, can be more than just a question of time or money. We take a look at some important factors to consider when faced with either option.


Do you have the time? – Clean homes and offices don’t just appear overnight. It takes ongoing care and effort to keep the dirt away. However sometimes, no matter how good our intentions are, life can throw things at us. Work commitments, children and social events are just some of many things that can interrupt our cleaning schedules. Trying to find a healthy balance between them all may lead to less time for cleaning.

Do you have the proper equipment? – High quality cleaning requires the correct use of cleaning equipment and special tools. Although you might think it makes financial sense to save money and DIY your cleaning, you’ll still have to buy your own supplies. The overall cost of hiring a cleaning expert like ourselves could be a worthwhile solution, as you won’t need to purchase any cleaning materials.

Do you have the skills and knowledge? – It’s great being able to carry out basic cleaning tasks such as making the bed and wiping down surfaces. But do you have the skills to tackle more advanced jobs? A trained team of specialists are able to work quickly and efficiently – with knowledge on how best to clean appliances, flooring, upholstery and more!

How much cleaning are you planning to do? – Keeping a small office or apartment clean and tidy is much easier compared to cleaning a 5 bedroom home. You’ll need to take into consideration the size of your space and how often it needs to be cleaned.



If you’re considering hiring a professional cleaner, please contact us today on 01543 254648. We have the tools and expertise needed for a wide range of tasks – operating in Lichfield and across the West Midlands.